Message From Our CEO

A Message from Our CEO

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find what you are looking for and, if not, that you will let us help you.

The story about sleeping in the truck is absolutely true. My brothers and I needed to get the fish and seafood we bought on the east coast back to Toronto quickly. We knew it would go to waste if we didn’t.

In more visits to the coast we built relationships with the suppliers we knew we could trust and who always seemed to have the best catches at fair prices.

Back home in Toronto, we quickly realized that other markets needed a reliable, reasonable source of top quality fish and seafood too. So we also assembled a diversified group to help us serve different nationalities and cultures.

As our markets expanded, so too did our network of suppliers. From the East Coast, we started to import from across the country, North America and, as it is today, from around the world. To keep prices low, we imported whole containers of fresh and frozen fish and seafood.

But, despite the growth that has blessed us, we always held on to the same values we developed in that first truck.


Import & Deliver Directly

We continue to work directly with fish and seafood suppliers wherever they may be in the world. It is the only way we know to maintain the consistent quality and reliable supply. And we still deliver directly to our customers.


Offer Quality, Variety and Fair Value

We care a great deal about the quality, variety and sources of the fish and seafood we offer. We seek out like-minded partners.


Avoid Food Waste

We have a responsibility to not waste one of the most precious resources in the world, the healthy bounty of the sea. It’s not always easy, but we go out of our way to minimize waste throughout our business.


Respect All Cultures & Nationalities

If we are all connected by just one thing, it is in the nourishment and good health we all enjoy from fish and seafood.


Serve Our Customers

It may sound obvious, but our company does everything we can to make sure our customers are well served and rewarded by the relationship they have with us.



We are thankful for so many things. We appreciate the loyalty of our customers. We are grateful for all the dedicated employees whose daily contribution is the backbone of our success. And, most of all, we are thankful for the health and happiness of our family, friends and everyone we work with and serve.

Looking ahead, the future is very exciting. We have many opportunities to grow and contribute to all the communities in which we live and work. We hope you will join us!

Best Wishes,